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SeattleWeather.org is a personal, non-profit, weather website that has been operating since April 2017. The station equipment is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 and is located near the peak of Capitol Hill in the Squire Park neighborhood of Seattle. The system is comprised of a anemometer, rain gauge, temperature and humidity measuring equipment, which transmits data wirelessly to a reciever inside the house. From there the data is sent to a Windows server running Weather Display software, and then is transferred in real-time to a Ubuntu webserver which hosts the page you're reading.

These two systems, as well as several others live on a redundant pair of VMware ESXi hosts configured in a VMware/VCenter cluster, with a FreeNAS running for shared storage. This provides high availability in case of hardware or system issues, as well as ease of maintenance. All of these are UPS-backed to cover in the event of a power event, and the weather station hardware itself also has its own backup batteries. The only weak link...the ISP.

About Seattle, Capitol Hill, and Squire Park


Seattle, and indeed Washington itself has a relatively short (compared with other American states and cities) yet storied history, and I couldn't do it justice to condense it into a small blurb here. For your reading pleasure I've linked to the Seattle Wikipedia Article instead. You can also find out lots by visiting the City of Seattle's Official Site.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is an urban center or village in Seattle proper, located to the east of Seattle's downtown business core. It's bounded on the west by I-5, the north by SR-520 (which transits across the longest floating bridge in the world:Evergreen Point Floating Bridge) and Interlaken Park, the east by 23rd and 24th Avenues East, and the south by E. Union and Madison Streets.

Capitol Hill is one of Seattle's oldest neighborhoods, not to be confused with the oldest neighborhood in Seattle: Pioneer Square. Capitol Hill's highest point is 444.5' above sea level, and has some of Seattle's steepest streets - up to 21% on one block of E. Roy St. Home to several of Seattle's wealthiest neighborhoods, Capitol Hill has some large (and commensurately pricey homes) in the northern end of Capitol Hill, mostly surrounding Volunteer Park. Noted architect Fred Anhalt designed several historical apartment buildings, and there are also a smattering of classic revival buildings throughout as well.

The neighborhood is also a nightlife corridor, aided by the plethora of restaurants, bars, and venues in the Pike/Pine Corridor and its central location within the City. It previously was, and still is to some extent, characaterized by the large scale gay community that has settled in the area - which began in the 1960s and continues to this day - though the argument that the tech boom in the city is driving out Capitol Hill's long time residents. Capitol Hill is also well known for its arts and music scene - think: 1990s grunge (with its PNW roots) - as well as its coffee scene. Capitol Hill has a large number of locally and privately owned coffee houses. We also can't fail to mention corporate coffee giant Starbucks as well, which has placed the a Starbucks Reserve Roastery at the foot of Capitol Hill in addition to its numerous coffeeshops throughout.

Squire Park

Squire Park (PDF) is a small district that straddles both the southern end of Capitol Hill and the northern end of the Central District of Seattle - depending on where you decide to draw the southern boundary of Capitol Hill, of course. Squire Park is also frequently associated with First Hill, which is southwest of Capitol Hill, and west southwest of Squire Park. Mostly a bedroom community, Squire Park has some portions of as well as the Cherry Hill campus of Swedish Hospital. The community has an active Community Council whose website you can visit here: Squire Park Community Council.

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